The secret Code of Life

Did you know that your body consists of billions of cells and that every cell of your body contains DNA? The DNA is the manual, the blueprint of our body. It determines how you look, the color of your hair, of your eyes and what is the task of each cell.

The first cell that starts your life is full of information. It describes how your body should be built, with a head, arms, legs and all other parts of your body. But it also contains information about how all cells, all organs and limbs should cooperate. Is’nt that unbelievable ?

The DNA therefore is the manual of your body. You could compare it a little bit with the code of a computer program. That code is necessary for your computer to work. The code provides that you can write a letter with your computer and that you can communicate with the internet.

Researchers have calculated that if you would write down the DNA of a human cell, you would need more than 1 million pages! That’s more than 2500 thick books full! And that code is in every cell of our body! 

Has life originated by coincidence?

There are many scientists who believe that life on earth was caused by trial and error. They believe that life has originated from a series of small steps and many chemical processes. However, many scientists acknowle that the DNA is that complex that it is actually impossible that this could have been created by accidental chemical reactions.

Back to the comparison with the code for a computer program. Is it possible that by chance there would be created a code similar to Microsoft Windows? The code of Windows 10 is similar in length to the human DNA. Thousands of programmers have develloped this program. Can you imagine that it is all in every cell of your body?

Not any one code has ever been discovered that has not been designed. There has never been a software program without a design and without programmers.

If the DNA is at least as complex as Windows 10, how is it possible that we do exist?

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