8. What be Your Choice?

People who believe in God’s Son are not judged guilty. But people who do not believe are already judged, because they have not believed in God’s only Son. They are judged by this fact: The light has come into the world. But they did not want light. They wanted darkness, because they were doing evil things. 1

What will be your choice? Do you want to continue to live your own life, without taking into account the truth of God? You can, but doing so, you also determine your own future. That will be one without God.

Or do you choose to seize this opportunity and start a new life? A life that will be much richer and more beautiful than you have ever been able to realize. A life where you may be part of the Kingdom of God and where you may have an unhindered relationship with your Creator.

If you choose put God first in your life, then from now on He will also take care of you. This does not mean that you no longer make mistakes, or that from now on you will lead a luxury life. The temptations remain, our body remains mortal, but for your soul there is an eternal future with God.

Not an Easy Choice

I really hope that you have been touched by what God has done for you. I can also imagine that the choice you stand for is not easy. Especially when there are many people around who do not want to believe or accept this.

Then Jesus called the crowd and his followers to him. He said, “Any of you who want to be my follower must stop thinking about yourself and what you want. You must be willing to carry the cross that is given to you for following me. Any of you who try to save the life you have will lose it. But you who give up your life for me and for the Good News will save it. It is worth nothing for you to have the whole world if you yourself are lost. You could never pay enough to buy back your life. 2

Do your own research

I have tried to explain to you in my story why I am sure that I am saved from a spiritual death. I can tell you that I have discovered the truth about God by discovering what is written about Him in the Bible.

Jesus said, “That is why I said, ‘Anyone the Father does not help to come to me cannot come.’” 3

If you are really looking for the truth, do not stop searching. Ask God if He wants to help you with all the questions that this raises. Read more about this in the Bible and judge for yourself whether these are the words of God.

Do not linger

The easiest thing you can do is stop here and continue with your life. That’s also a choice. I’d advise you not to opt for the easiest way.

Your life is short. If postpone your choice for a long time, it may be too late. 150,000 people die every day. There will come a day when you are one of them.

So you see that the Lord God knows how to save those who are devoted to him. He will save them when troubles come. And the Lord will hold evil people to punish them on the day of judgment. That punishment is for those who are always doing the evil that their sinful selves want to do. It is for those who hate the Lord’s authority. These false teachers do whatever they want, and they are so proud of themselves. They are not afraid even to say bad things against the glorious ones. 4

Are you willing to turn around your life and put God in the first place in your life? Do you want to accept the offer of forgiveness through the offering of His Son? Then don’t wait and make your choice today!

YES, I ready to make a choice!

I do not want to choose yet. I still have many questions

NO, not at this moment 

I have previously accepted the offer of Jesus

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