6. The Dilemma

From nature and the laws of nature we can conclude that God can be trusted. If He could not be trusted, who else can be trusted? To be trustworthy there must always be a consequence for an action. It is the same in the laws of nature. You can always rely on the effect of gravity. If this law was working randomly, chaos would be the result. One time you would fall down and another time you would be flying.

In the same way you can trust that good and bad actions have a consequence. If a person is killed, then family and friends demand justice. The killer must recieve his punishment. Friends and family would not accept it when a judge would release the killer.

This creates a dilemma for God in the relationship with the people. In order to trust Him, He must be righteous. But people very often do things that are harming others or even God. Offenders must be punished. Whether it concerns murder or a much smaller crime.

God can not swipe away our mistakes. If he did, He would not be trustworthy, and chaos would be the result. It would be done with the truth and the morality.

What is the State of Your Heart?

Take a moment to look at yourself in a honest way… Can God be happy with you if He wants a relationship with you? How much sincere attention do you pay to your Creator? How do you show your appreciation? To understand, I’d like to compare this with the relationship between a man and a woman or a friendship between two good friends. If you do not pay real attention, the relationship will decline. Is’t it what actually happens in so many marriages and friendships? Only when there is real and lasting attention from both sides, a relationship can grow and flourish.

True attention is not follow a list of rules. Though it’s fine to make agreements in a relationship. But in a relationship it is not about the rules, but about sincere attention for each other.

Look at yourself in an honest way. Do you pay attention to God? Is it OK for you that He know about everything you do all day? Or are any there things in your life that you prefer to keep secret, which you may be ashamed of? Try to write down those things that you did lately and where you are ashamed of.

If I take look at myself very honestly, my list is too long for just one page. So many occasions that I have disadvantaged other people, all those occasions that I have harmed people … All those days that I have lived just for my needs and have totally not realized what purpose I am living for.

When you look at God and at yourself, are you able to truly give Him the respect and appreciation that He deserves. Or are there any things in your life that would prevent you from doing so?

There is no one who is trying to be with God. They have all turned away from him, and now they are of no use to anyone. There is no one who does good, not even one. 1 

The big plan

The result of our freedom of choice seems disastrous. People are naturally inclined to live according to their own best interest and doing so, we ignore God. In our lives we continuously make decisions without taking into account the relationship that God has in mind.

If a partner in a relationship cheats, it will disrupt the relationship forever. The relationship is irreparably damaged. Even if you only go away once, you can not make up for it by going 100 times. The only way to restore the relationship is if the other person offers forgiveness for this misstep.

In the same way it is in the relationship with God. Because I tend to think mainly about myself and again and again do things without paying attention to God, I constantly damage the relationship with God every time.

Yet God still wants a relationship with us. If we truly want this relationship, He wants to forgive our mistakes. But because He must also be righteous, something must be done first about all the mistakes we have done …

The solution

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  1.   ROMANS 3:11-12 

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