4. Our Freedom to Choose

The longer I am studying on the topic of life, how better I am getting to understand… The Creator has created the universe and the earth to show how great He is. But apparently there is more to it… He has created people with an ability to make choices.

Adding this option, the Creator has put an important element into his creation. He has given people the opportunity to love Him. I have the choice to sincerely appreciate what He has created and to accept that I am created. But I can also choose to ignore the existence of the Creator and His attention for me.

Making Important Choices

Have a look a the world around you. For me, a lot of things have become obvious when I realized that by freedom of choice, we can determine a lot of things ourselves. If I choose to ignore the Creator then that will make little difference in short term. In long term it makes a huge difference. It is a bit like a child who ignores the existence of its parents. If a child is old enough, it can survive well without parents, but by ignoring them, the child will ignore its roots.

If I don’t want to live as an “orphan”, I will have to discover my roots. I will have to learn who’s my Creator. How can I discover more about Him?

I think this is also an important reason why we can not see our Creator. If could see Him, there would be little room left to choose. Just like parents have to let go their children at a certain age, so that they can learn to make decisions on their own and become real individuals.


If we are free to choose, then several of my life questions are answered. I can choose to do good, but also to do things that hurt other people. I can choose to help people or just think about myself, and deprive those around me.

Without freedom of choice you only can do what you are told. You will act just as you have been programmed. The freedom of choice makes a big difference, but also makes you responsible for your acts.

I learn every day by all challenges in my life and many times i learn that making choices isn’t easy. Life isn’t boring and predictable, but sometimes it also hurts a lot. Many challenges in life make life valuable. If I overcome a challenge, then I have learned something. Making choices in challenging situations means that life really gets valuable.

Are the Answers to be Found in  Religion?

Now I’m aware that I can make the big choices in life myself, my next question that pops up is what intention the Creator has with my life.

Could I find the answers in one of the many religions? There have already been so many people who have been thinking about the questions of life. There are many different religions and each gives them a different image of the Creator. They have a different explanation about what the Creator expects from me. Apparently freedom to be able to choose also means that I will have to find out what’s the true image of the Creator.

Discover is the Truth

The Creator must be the Truth. If he has created everything, He must be the Universal Truth. This is not depending on our image of the Creator. But how can we discover that real Truth?

Discover the truth



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