3. A Designer of Life?

I am glad that you will join our journey of discovery, looking for answers to the most important questions in life.

Don’t you think it would be a lot easier if we could see our Creator? Is do, many of my questions could easily be answered. So the Creator will have a good reason why He does not show himself.

Yet by looking at the universe and discovering nature, we can discover the Creator. A design tells some about the characteristics of the designer. Try to imagine what you can discover about the Designer when you have look around. I would to share with you several characteristics that I have discovered;

A Creative Designer

The endless universe and the complex life on earth show that He is very creative. When I take a look at nature, I learn that everything has been made with a great attention to detail. All plants, animals and humans are assembled ingeniously. Even after centuries of research many scientists still do not understand lots of it.

When I started to write this story for you, I sat in our garden and I was amazed at all the beauty and details of nature around me. No creation is the same and every part of it is beautiful to see, but everything those beautiful features also have a purpose.

A flower can not reproduce without insects. Birds eat the fruits of the trees and spread the seeds of the tree. People need fruit, bread, vitamins and minerals to survive and the oxygen of the trees to breathe. These are just a few examples of how everything has to work together to make life possible.

The Creator of this must be unbelievably brilliant to come up with this and be able to make it.

A Reliable Creator

If we look at the laws of nature, we see that they operate according to a fixed structure of cause and effect. The laws of nature can not be avoided. Gravity always operates the same way, whether you like it or not. If the laws of nature would work randomly, then chaos would arise and the earth and the universe would not be able to function.

The Creator is a creator of order and structure, of cause and effect. You can therefore rely on His actions. He is not a random Creator.

A Creator of Relationships

People cannot live without each other. We need contact to achieve things together, but also for deeper reasons. We have a bond with our family, with friends and with our beloved. Relationships and love between people is a part of our existence. So it seems that our Creator has a purpose with relationships.

Finally, I notice that all people deep down in their hearts know that there is more than we just observe. We are all looking for the purpose of our existence. Many people experience an emptyness in their lives when they do not know what their purpose is.

Many people try to suppress the feeling of emptiness by working hard, by many friends or by drugs or drinks. With that, the feeling may be gone for a while, but sooner or later it will pop up again.

Good and Evil

Would the Creator still be involved in His creation? Or did He create everything and then leave it to operate on it’s own? If you see all the misery in our world, you could draw that conclusion.

If your worldview is without a Creator, it does not solve the the question why there is misery in our world. You can think that misery is just there. But then what is the basis for “good” and “evil”. The existence of “good” and “evil” assumes that there is a general morality. A general truth, a standard.

Why would a person be worthy of being protected from “evil”? The laws of nature do not tell anything about good or evil; Natural laws are just there and do what they need to do. If everything runs according to cause and effect, then no choice is possible. In that case we do not have to worry about the misery in the world.

If there were no impartial “good” and “wrong”, then we also had no basis to call murder, rape, adultery or lying “wrong”. There must be an absolute truth on which this is founded. That truth is “built-in” in creation and can be traced back to the Creator.

You can choose yourself


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